Exciting community development to unite Mangawhai

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Growth in Mangawhai blazes on! A real surge in activity is happening around town, school enrolments are on the rise, services and tradespeople are in strong demand, eateries are buzzing most days, housing demand runs hot, and the weekly market continues to thrive. As locals, we understand the drawcard. This once sleepy coastal town has woken up, proving irresistible to newcomers arriving each week, keen to call this special place home. Just a few years ago land availability was healthy and For Sale signs hung around awhile – fast forward to 2017 and the situation couldn’t be more opposite.

But a new story is on the horizon. You may have heard murmurings? The iconic strip of land along the causeway has recently unconditionally sold to Auckland-based property development company, Viranda Partners Limited. Settlement is in late 2017.

At approximately 128 hectares, the area presents an exciting opportunity for the developer to unfold an integrated solution, including the release of residential sections and a retail and commercial centre. The scope of the project is also looking at provision for schooling, a retirement village, supermarket, accommodation, and a medical centre.

Given the land is positioned centrally within the Heads and Village, the development has been aptly called, Mangawhai Central. However, behind the name is a stronger commitment than location alone. Mangawhai Central aims to become a heart of community life. Uniting what are currently two distinct centres, Heads and Village, the development will bring a collection of amenities for everyone to ‘meet in the middle’ and enjoy a vibrant town square.

Community engagement is of utmost importance to the developer, as is respecting the unique character and heritage of Mangawhai. Watch this space for public meetings where you can express your interest in services or recreational facilities important to you. Viranda Partners Chairman, Andrew Guest says:

“When the opportunity to be involved in this Mangawhai project was brought to our attention we had no doubt about the potential of the area.

“However absolutely dominant in our thinking from the outset and the catalyst motivating us to proceed with the project (in an area that is well known to us) was recognising the importance of ensuring that the Mangawhai Central area was not only developed as it was able to be, but that it successfully brought together the different facets of the Mangawhai community – residential, retirement and holiday areas, and the different community groups and services that are required for the young, plus a vibrant commercial sector, a growing professional sector, and a special large group of retired residents.

“These facets were paramount to the project, ensuring that an integral design catered for these sectors, ensuring that Mangawhai Central becomes both integrated, service and lifestyle focused – incorporating health, commerce, amusements, education, recreation, retirement and related services.

“This is our mission: the design and delivery of a central base for residents and visitors of the most beautiful place on the eastern coast, less than an hour north of most of Auckland.”

Although the project is in the early stages, you might like to be kept up to date with information as it becomes available. Expressions of interest are currently being taken via www.mangawhaicentral.co.nz and dates and venues for public meetings will be advertised online and in The Mangawhai Focus.